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Five Benefits of Booking Walking Holidays

Going on an active holiday, such as a walking holiday, has many benefits for both the beginning or experienced traveller. The biggest benefit is the ability to get a close-up view of the area that you’re visiting. Here are five additional benefits to choosing a walking holiday.

Allows for Slower Pace

Many tours force you to adhere to their itinerary, which can be hectic in some cases. However, a self-guided walking tour allows you to move at a slower, more relaxed pace and discover the scenery, friendly people, and villages that are easy to miss when travelling by bus or train. As long as you get to your nightly destination on time, you can travel the recommended paths or stray from them to do some exploring on your own.

More Affordable Travel

A walking tour is usually a much more affordable way to travel. While you’ll have perks such as accommodations each evening, including an evening meal and breakfast the next day, you won’t have the expense of hiring a vehicle or buying tickets for a train or bus. Also, even though you’re on a tour, the tourist traps are few and far between on Spanish walking holidays.

No Permit Required

When you visit another country, you will usually need an international driver’s permit if you’re hiring a car. Also, there could easily be some confusion when trying to drive in another country if you’re not familiar with their roads. However, if you take a walking holiday, all you need to do is put one foot in front of the other to get to your destination and a permit is not necessary.

Keep Fit

Walking is a good way to stay in good physical condition even though you may not be walking briskly on some paths. Since you’re burning calories all day, it will also give you a chance to indulge yourself when you come across restaurants or bake shops in some of the villages that you may discover. There are tours available for both experienced hikers and those who have never been on a walking tour.

Enjoy Meeting People

No matter which tour you select, you will have the opportunity to encounter and get to know people during your travels. You may come across farmers, shopkeepers, village residents, and fellow tourists at your destination each night. Some of these encounters would not be possible if you travelled through the area via a bus or train.

There are many reasons to choose a walking holiday to enjoy with family or friends. It allows you to see areas of a country usually not featured on bus tours and you can take your time, soak up the sights, and de-stress while hiking through the countryside.

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